Youth Motocross Riders and Motocross dealers: beware! On Saturday, July13th and Sunday, July 14th we welcome you again on the track "Bezuidenhout"in Boekel (The Netherlands) for the third edition of the InternationalYouth Weekend and Dealer Cup.

This year there is the opportunity to start in the classes 50cc up until125cc youth. Great prizes to win. All participants will ride two heats perday. We almost reached to an agreement with the federation to introduce aspecial 250 open class, where 250cc four-stroke machines will competeagainst 250cc 2-stroke machines.

More information about the age limits willfollow later on.Following the success of previous years, the Dealer Cup again will be held.Dealers can delegate their team of three riders in the Junior class andInters class. The teams ride on both Saturday and Sunday three heats withtwo riders of the team per race. Participation is from age 15 and 125cc twostroke.This year the event Boekel will be held under the auspices of the KNMV andUEM, but also MON and IMBA related riders can participate on equal terms.You can subscribe via: after completing the rider data to also tick the box you want toshare the data with the organization. Only then your registration iscompleted.

Riders and Teams are welcome at the Welcome Office on Friday July 12th from10.00 am. The Welcome Office is located at VHM Special Racing Products.Street: De Vlonder 208 in Boekel (The Netherlands). After your registrationat the Welcome Office you will be send to the paddock.